Save up to 40% by using Elprint standard laminates
Elprint is unique in that we can combine multiple orders onto one production panel - resulting in rapid production, fast deliveries - and at low prices.

It's nice to be nice
Elprint is earning money by lowering prices.

To save money on your side and increase your competitiveness in the market even further, make use of one of our standard laminates:
1 Layer: 1.6mm, 35my and 0.8mm, 35my
2 Layer: 1.6mm, 35my and 0.8mm, 35my
4 Layer: 1.6mm, 35/35my and 0.8mm, 35/35my

Other available laminates are listed here.

Multi Image Manufacturing (MIM)

Multi Image Manufacturing is the key reason for Elprint's low prices in the prototype area. In short, MIM technology makes it possible to place different orders onto the same production panel. The results at the factory are impressive:

  • High utilization of raw material
  • Efficient operation of production equipment and processes
  • No tooling and start-up cost
  • Fast production time

For further information about Elprint, our standard laminates and MIM technology, please contact your local sales office.